Economics of Genomics
& Precision Medicine

Genomic medicine could transform how healthcare is delivered throughout the human life-course. With governments around the world increasingly investing in genomics research and translation, a health economics voice is essential to ensure that economic evidence informs resource allocation decisions in Genomics and Precision Medicine. The Econ-Omics special interest group brings together interested researchers around the world to build health economics capacity, advance methods, and facilitate the generation and dissemination of the health economics evidence required to underpin the optimal evaluation and sustainable integration of genomic medicine into healthcare systems.

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Aims and Objectives

Connect researchers

  • Bring together researchers interested in the application of health economics in the areas of genomics and precision medicine.
  • Provide a platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and country-specific insights, research and related issues or challenges.
  • Connect with other researchers outside Econ-Omics who could facilitate the advancement of health economics methods in the area of genomic medicine.

Generate ideas through dialogue and academic enquiry

  • Discuss issues, challenges and propose solutions related to the allocation of resources in genomics and precision medicine around the world.
  • Encourage dialogue and debate on health economics methods and value judgements related to the prioritisation of genomic medicine.
  • Present and seek feedback on our ideas from multi-disciplinary audiences.

Enable research collaboration and dissemination

  • Discuss ongoing research in the area of genomic medicine around the world, identifying gaps and lessons learned within and between countries.
  • Foster collaboration on ongoing and future research through publications and grant applications.
  • Broadly disseminate our research, while ensuring our capacity, evidence and methods keep up with the pace of genomics research.

Support research in low and middle income countries (LMICs) and early career researchers (ECRs)

  • Strengthen local capacity building and promote interest in the area of Econ-Omics for ECRs and researchers in LMICs.
  • Connect ECRs and researchers in LMICs with a large community of researchers who share common interests and collaborate on research projects and ideas.
  • Recruit ECRs and researchers in LMICs to leadership positions through Convener roles and engage them in dissemination activities, through invited webinars, facilitating submissions to conference sessions, and event promotion.


We aim to meet our objectives through our Econ-Omics blog and newsletter, annual symposiums and other events, coordinated submissions of organized sessions, webinar series, opportunities for cross-country and cross-regional mentoring, sharing of teaching materials, facilitated guest lectures, and establishing a global network of health economists.

Past Webinars


We will blog regularly on a broad range of topics related to the economics of genomics and precision medicine. If you are interested in contributing to our Blog, please email us at iheagenomics[@]

September Update

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Ilias Goranitis, Founder and Lead Convener
James Buchanan, Founder and Lead Convener
Deirdre Weymann, Founder and Lead Convener
Samantha Pollard, Convener for Research and International Collaboration
Hadley Stevens-Smith, Convener for Research and International Collaboration 
VACANT, Convener for Communications and Networking
Zanfina Ademi, Convener for LMIC focused research
Zhuo (Adam) Chen, Convener for LMIC focused research   
George Ruhago, Convener for LMIC focused research
VACANT, Convener for Organised Conference Sessions
Michael Abbott, Convener for ECR/Student Support and Development
Tianjiao (Emma) Wang, Convener for ECR/Student Support and Development
Sally Hartmanis, Coordinator
Cun (Lizzy) Liu, Coordinator

If you are interested in getting more actively involved in the Econ-Omics SIG and volunteering for a Convenor role, please email us at