July Update

Dear reader,

Thanks for visiting our page and reading this post. This is the first blog post of the Financing for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Special Interest Group (SIG), at the International Health Economics Association (IHEA).

During the last SIG meeting at the 2021 IHEA Congress, several attendees suggested we have a blog, which we felt was a great idea! The aims of this blog include: to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among members; to contribute to policy and academic debates related to financing for UHC; and to provide further visibility and a platform for researchers to share their work. 

With this post, we are asking health financing experts, including but not limited to members of the SIG, to let us know if they would like to: 

(i) write a blog post that aligns with the above aims; and/or 

(ii) present their work at a Financing for UHC SIG webinar (with an accompanying blog to summarise the webinar)

We will encourage all IHEA members writing for our blog to join our SIG too.

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch by writing to Mr. Jacopo Gabani at jg1671@york.ac.uk

Best regards,

The Financing for UHC SIG convenors group

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