Economics of Obesity

Obesity is recognised as one of the most significant public health challenges of our time and has both societal and economic burden. The Economic of Obesity SIG brings together IHEA members from across the world with an interest in obesity and obesity prevention, from an economics perspective. We aim to create a community of health economists to share knowledge, enhance research collaboration and support capacity building of early career researchers. Our activities include hosting pre-congress workshops, particularly profiling early career research, sending regular newsletters, hosting webinars and providing input to policy development internationally. If you have an interest in the economics of obesity, and would like to expand your networks, then please join this highly relevant SIG.


Here is where you will find some of the past activities our SIG, including IHEA pre-conference sessions, EuHEA sessions and input to policy initiatives.

Networking session with the Obesity SIG at the 15th IHEA Congress in Cape Town, South Africa

past webinars

  • Leveraging DICE Simulation for Modelling Obesity – February 20, 2020

Connecting Researchers

Here are some of the Economics of Obesity researchers and research groups from around the world.

Deakin University, Australia:

University of Birmingham, UK:

Griffith University, Australia:

University of Montevideo, Uruguay:

University of São Paulo, Brazil: 


University of Sydney, Australia: 



Below is a current list of all those who are members of the EOSIG.

Alison Hayes, Australia

Members (listed alphabetically by last name)
Magda Aguiar,UK
Olufunke Alaba, South Africa
Ayesha Ali, US
Nasim B. Ferdows, US
Adriana Barone, Italy
Nicole Black, Australia
Jonathan Briody, Ireland
Heather Brown, UK
Vicki Brown, Australia
Julie Campbell, Australia
Alastair Canaway, UK
Francesco (Paolo) Candio, UK
Larissa B. Cardoso, Brazil
John Cawley, US
Susan Chen, US
Gabriella Conti, UK
Laura Cornelsen, UK
Paul Crosland, Australia
John Cullinan, Ireland
Shahd Daher, Canada
Apostolos Davillas, UK
Padraig Dixon, UK
Eleonora Fichera, UK
Heather Gage UK
Neeru Gupta, Canada
Grace Hampson, UK
Alison Hayes, Australia
Bruce Hollingsworth, UK
Jaana Kari, Finland
Bhagyashree Katare, US
Emily Lancsar, Australia
Thomas Lung, Australia
Jonas M. Kinge, Norway
Norman Maldonado, Colombia
Ceu Mateus, UK
Paul McNamee, UK
Murat Mercan, Turkey
Toni Mora, Spain
Steve Morris, UK
John Moss, Australia
Peng Nie, China
Yemi Oluboyede, UK
Alfredo R Paloyo, Australia
Michelle Queally, Ireland
Patricia Ritter, US
Bjoern Schwander, Germany
Arturo Schweiger, Argentina
Paul Scuffham Australia
Rich Smith, UK
Rebeca Souza, Brazil
Jay A. Stiles, Australia
Trudy Sullivan, New Zealand
Jaana T. Kari, Finland
Eng Joo (Andrew) Tan, Australia
Fern Terris-Prestholt, UK
Evelyn Thsehla, South Africa
Andres Vecino-Ortiz, Colombia
Lennert Veerman, Australia
Shu Wen Ng, US

Economics of Obesity SIG Convenors

Alison Hayes, Lead Convener (Australia) 
Nasfika Afentou (UK)
Olufunke Alaba (South Africa/Nigeria)
Jaithri Anthapavan (Australia)
Paolo Candio (Italy)
Emma Frew (UK)
David Frisvold (USA)
Lin Fu (UK)
Mary Wanjau (Australia/Kenya)